PATOO is a magical Jamaican brown owl,a sacred medicine bird which has the ability to see what is hidden to others, cutting through
illusions and finding the essence of TRUE WISDOM. 


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About Us


100% Organically Earthed in Jamaica, this premium chocolate bar is crafted with Jamaican cacao which is respected by the global International Cacao Organization for its exceptional quality.

Our handcrafted psilocybin infused microdose honey that is Pure, Undiluted & Unprocessed. 100% Jamaican. Carefully infused for 3 months.

The Indigenous Psilocybin Fungi of Jamaica are unique & potent strains. All naturally harvested in an extremely controled environment to ensure the true integrity of the medicine.


Our Products

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4g PATOO™ Bar
100% Organic Cacoa/ Non Dairy
/Psilocybin Chocolate Bar.
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Social Dose .70g
100% Organic Cacao Psilocybin
SOCIAL DOSE Chocolate.
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Microdose Honey
100% Organic Honey Psilocybin
Infused 120 days / 200 micron filtered.
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PATOO MicroDose Capsules
Proprietary PATOO Genetics
Our Process


Start slowly and in a safe environment. Best results achieved on an empty stomach. Do not operate any motor vehicles while using this product. Keep out of reach of children.
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Dancin’ Time

(1 piece  = 1.33gs )

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Cruise Control

(2x pieces = 2.66g )

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Patoo Full Flight

(3x pieces = 4gs )

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Duo FLight

(3x pieces = 4gs )

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Trip Tips

Start slow!
Take a smaller dose if it is your first time trying mushrooms. You can always add more. We suggest starting with 1/3 of one block of the larger blocks or a social dose.
Enjoy with people you trust...
and are comfortable with. Limit your environment to as few people as possible if doing a full trip. If you plan on taking a stronger dose consider having a friend join you who has done mushrooms before.
Set an Intention
Have an open mind and heart. When doing stronger doses of mushrooms it’s important to be in an open and positive mindset.
Enjoy with people you trust...
The experience can last anywhere from 4-6 hours. Have snacks and water nearby. Keep a journal or paper handy in case you feel inspired to write or draw. Find a quiet spot by the beach, pool or sunset deck to enjoy nature.
Find a safe & Comfortable space.
Some people find being in nature to heighten the magic, others will feel more comfortable in a private setting. Whichever you decide, you’ll want a place that is quiet, feels inspiring and comfortable.
Try to take on an empty stomach.
Light cramping may occur if you consume chocolate after a big meal. This is normal and will go away quickly.
Set the tone
Light a candle, select a relaxing playlist, schedule a massage.
What is Microdosing?

microdose schedule

4 Days ON
Taking a Microdose
3 Days OFF
For reflecting, the medicine is still working
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our Strains

Patoo Jamaica pro-1-1 Home
Chocolate Bar ( 4 Grams )
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Hawaiian Psilocybe Cubensis
Social Dose ( 0.7 Grams )

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Chocolate Boss
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