Safe business management is a method that focuses on addressing a organization’s safety practices. It requires that managers consider an array of influencing aspects, including culture, management and training.

The health and safety policies of a business should be consistent with the guidelines of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is essential to attain the desired outcomes. The management team of a company must also be dedicated to the system’s success. This involves proving that safety is as important as production numbers through direct remarks or performance reviews as well as bonus systems. For instance, LyondellBasell has a policy that states that if OSHA recorded injury rates are high, managers will not receive bonuses.

The Agile frameworks Lean-Agile and Scaled Scrum also have a particular emphasis on safe business management. They specifically emphasize roles, structures and artifacts that fit each scale. For instance, the Lean-Agile model has the roles of safety and quality for every Scrum team. The model also stresses the importance of keeping the safety of employees in mind when creating software.

A safe business management program is an essential component of the Technology Backbone Model (TBM). TBM and SAFe are working together to ensure that more effective systems and software are less costly. This article about transforming IT into a true partner explains the TBM-SAFe partnership.

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